Container service transport and containers

PMR BV has its own means of transport, including trucks with container removal systems and truck loading cranes.

PMR advises and supplies logistical solutions for the disposal of residual materials at businesses and industries. Containers and facilities can be provided for both the internal transport and the removal of the residual materials. PMR BV provides the total solution for the disposal of your residual materials.

Container plaatsen voor schroot en oud ijzer.

Heeft u met veel schroot te maken in de vorm van oude metalen, elektronica, computers, printplaten etc? Wij hebben containers in diverse afmetingen en hoogtes, dus ook voor uw oude materialen hebben wij een oplossing.

Do you need a container?

We of course ensure that this is handled quickly and correctly!

We have the following steel containers available for you:


2m³ (120x120x124cm)


4m³ (ca. 234x150x110cm)


6m³ ( 350x190x103cm )


Gesloten 9m³ (360x182x186cm)


10m³ (610x240x140cm)


15m³ (620x250x176cm)


20m³ (610x240x110cm)


30m³ (650x250x220cm)


40m³ (650x250x256cm)


Magazijn (opslag)container

Liquid-tight containers for batteries.

We place many liquid-tight containers for old batteries. This is a good solution for car parts stores, garages and other organisations that deal with many old batteries. Our battery containers are liquid-tight and meet the guidelines for the storage of old batteries.

These containers are also used to store and dispose of shavings and cuttings.